Below is a series of questions that we often get asked. We thought it would be useful if we published the answers (in no particular order).

  1. What clothes and equipment do I need to bring? Ski jacket, ski trousers, ski gloves, helmet, sun glasses, goggles, base layers, middle layers (if cold) and ski socks. Have a look at our partner’s website for some great deals on ski jackets and clothing and
  2. What time can I arrive at the chalet? You can drop your luggage from 09.00 and have full access to the chalet bedrooms and living areas from 16.00. Exceptionally, if the changeover is completed earlier, you can have full access earlier than 16.00.
  3. When do I have to check out of the chalet? You need to have vacated your bedroom by 10.00 on your departure day. If your transport from the chalet is not immediate, you can leave your luggage in the boot room and wait in the chalet living area. Please remember that the chalet staff will be doing the chalet changeover, so try not to get in their way too much…! 
  4. What kind of food do you serve? Well presented, delicious home-cooked food prepared by our professional chefs. Our portion sizes are generous. We like to think that it is a balance between traditional / old-fashioned chalet-style carb-loaded skiing fodder and modern, more sophisticated flavours and presentation. We don’t really go in for jus and foams!!
  5. What about if I have a food allergy or really dislike a certain food? Just tell us about it by filling in the appropriate section of our Booking Confirmation form. We are very experienced in dealing with all food allergies.
  6. Is the WiFi reliable? What Mbps is it? Yes it is. 16 Mbps. However, sometimes it can struggle if all 16 people in the chalet are trying to download at the same time with their smartphones, tablets and laptops…!
  7. Where do you recruit your staff? Mainly from Natives or Silver Swan Recruitment. 
  8. What did you used to do in the UK before your moved to France? Garrett was a commercial manager for a large defense company, and Rhian was a line manager in a printing company.
  9. Do you own the chalets, or do you rent them? We rent our chalet from our landlord.
  10. How do I book ski lessons? Just click on the link on the Ski Lessons page. If your booking is for the peak weeks of the season (Christmas, New Year, February half term or the Easter holidays), please book as early as you can because the ski schools get booked up quickly.
  11. How much are skiing lessons? Prices start from 175 euros per person for 6 days’ morning, group lessons (09.00 to 12.00).
  12. How much is a ski pass? In season 2016 / 2017 the price for a 6 day, adult Three Valleys ski pass was about 300 euros (if buying only 1 pass). Family passes are cheaper at about 240 euros per person.
  13. How can I pay you? Electronic bank transfer for holiday payments.
  14. How do I get to my ski lessons? The ESF (Ecole de Ski Francaise) office is less than 5 minutes’ walk from the chalet. Prosneige is in La Croisette and is about a 10 minute ski away.
  15. How do your ski hire arrangements work? Our local ski hire shop is two doors from the chalet. If you book through us you get 20% off their standard prices (which start from €130 per person per week). If you decide to book your ski hire elsewhere please bear in mind the extra transport costs and inconvenience of using a ski hire shop which is further away. 
  16. Do you offer an airport transfer service? Yes we do. We’re fully licensed and insured in accordance with French law and our transfers are offered on a first-come-first-served basis (as we only have 1 eight-seater minibus). Our prices are also very competitive.