Watersports in the Three Valleys, France

Rafting and Kayaking

White-water rafting and kayaking are available on the many rivers and lakes in the Three Valleys, France. Click here for more information.



Hydro Speeding is all about descending white water rapids on a body float. You have a wetsuit and a personal floating toboggan – rather like a body board. The sport can almost be described as “surfing” or tobogganing down the rapids. Experienced hydro speeders can surf the swells and eddies, perform 360 degree spins and all sorts of other exciting manoeuvres!


Hydrospeeding (Guided): The hydro-ride is guided and your guide will lead you into cave pools at intervals to rest while you make your way down the rapids. Hydro Speeding starts with a safety briefing and kit dispensing, participants all change into double thickness wetsuits, and then you are taken to the rapids. All necessary equipment is provided and the Hydro Speed instructors will be watching you closely at all times. Please appreciate that you must be a good swimmer to take part.


Canyoning is the art of hiking, climbing, or rappelling to the bottom of a river canyon, then following the canyon to an exit point, or a spot which is easy to hike out. The idea is to follow the water downwards: over drops into pools, down chutes and through deep water. This involves walking, scrambling, sliding, climbing and swimming. Vertical drops are either jumped or abseiled from bolts already in place. Canyoning has always been regarded to be quite an extreme sport. However, today with professional instruction and route selection canyoning is now open to beginners and families, and can follow a far more sedate pace if required. Canyoning is a seriously addictive sport and can involve water slides as well as abseiling and routes can even lead you underground for brief periods.



Whether choosing one of the crystal clear lakes or the swimming pool in Les Menuires’ leisure centre, you will have no problems finding a place to cool off. This is the perfect way to cool down in the summer. If you would like a nice day out go to Lake Annecy and enjoy the waters there, maybe hire a boat for the afternoon and swim all day.

Waterski / Wakeboard / Sailing

Water skiing and wake boarding can be done on several of our local lakes, and also on Lake Geneva and Lake Annecy. The wake board and ski school will teach absolute beginners or take intermediates out in their boat which comes with driver / instructor if required and requested.